Cutting oil, lubrication spray, cutting paste and cooling lubricant

High-performance products that can be used effectively and in an ecologically sound manner.

Coolant, Lubricant & Cutting Paste For Core Drills & Taps


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Cutting oil, lubrication spray, cutting paste and cooling lubricant

BDS coolants & Cutting oil for core drills are precisely tailored to the respective purpose. The highly efficient composition enables economical and environmentally friendly use. Premium lubricant for core drills.

Outside, we particularly recommend: BDS high-performance cutting oil or high-performance cooling lubricant concentrate. These products are biodegradable and toxicologically harmless. At the same time, however, it is highly effective in the desired lubrication and cooling performance. The concentrate BDS 6000 is also 1:10 with water miscible and therefore extremely economical.

Coolant & Lubricants For Annular CuttersHigh-performance cutting oil 5000

Purely vegetable oil that does not come under the category of hazardous goods in terms of customs & transport regulations. BDS 5000 The raw materials used are not listed in the Catalogue of Substances Hazardous to Water. BDS 5000 is not subject to any labelling requirements.
►Biological raw material with additives
Water hazard level 1
► Biodegradable, optimum basic adjustment of viscosity for use of BDS core drills, problem-free use for subsequent tin plating

Cooling lubricant concentrate 6000

BDS 6000 For high standards based on synthetic raw materials
► Can be mixed with water, biologically stable and mild in odour
► Extends the service life of the core drill
► Can be mixed with water, biologically stable and mild in odour

High-performance lubrication spray 5200

BDS 5200 For working in awkward positions (overhead and on a horizontal plane), also suitable for high-alloy materials. Foam-like spray with very high adhesive strength. Advantages: Precise dosing of lubrication spray and therefore optimum lubrication directly on the cutting edges. No dripping or splashing, thus ensuring maximum safety when working on ladders and scaffolds.
PTFE White adhesive lubricant containing PTFE with corrosion protection
► Free from PCB, PCT, CFCs and Chlorine
► Active substance: Mineral-based lithium grease with additives and solvents
► Compressed gas: Propane/butane, subject to labelling requirements

High-performance cutting paste 5500 High-Tech metal-free cutting paste 7500

BDS 5500: BDS 5500: Ideal for material types that are hard to machine. Suitable for use overhead and work in awkward positions. BDS 7500 :Base oil: Medicinal white oil. high heat resistance Extremely up to 1,400°C. For manual lubrication of high-alloy steel, Hardox steel and stainless and heat-resistant steel. For extremely high standards.


Please do not use liquid lubricants for overhead work or work on vertical surface. There is a risk that oil will get into the motor, thus causing a short-circuit. Please use BDS high-performance lubrication spray BDS 5200 or the BDS 5500/7500 cutting paste.