MAB 1300 V

MAB 1300 V

ø 60 mm Automatic / ø 130 mm Manual Drilling+Tapping Machine

Technical Specs

Core drill short 30 mm
Ø 12-60 mm Auto Ø 12-130 mm Manual
Core dril long 55 mm
Ø 12-60 mm Auto Ø 12-100 mm Manual
Core drill extra-long 110 mm
Ø 20-60 mm Auto Ø 20-100 mm Manual
Thread cutting
< M42
< M42
< 50 mm
Twist drilling
< 32 mm Auto < 45 mm Manual
Friction clutch
Permanent internal lubrication
Speed range 1
30-80 min-1
Speed range 2
50-120 min-1
Speed range 3
130-350 min-1
Speed range 4
210-550 min-1
Morse taper
MT 4
Quick change drill chuck-system
Industrial arbor
MT 4, 32 mm Weldon (1 1/4')
Direct arbor
51 Kg
Magnet Size
120 X 360 X 65 mm
310 mm
230 V or 110 V AC
Motor Output
2300 Watt
Swivel Base
Carbon brush wear control
CW/CCW rotation
Overheating protection
Magnet indicator
Full wave control electronics
Torque Control

Presenting the worlds' most powerful automatic magnetic core drilling machine, MAB 1300 V, with variable automatic feed and variable automatic reverse. The MAB 1300 V is a heavy duty portable magnetic drilling machine with Morse Taper 4, which enables to use the taper shank twist drill bits to be used on the machine directly withuot any adapter. The MAB 1300 V with twist drill bits makes holes up to 32 mm diameter with auto feed and 45 mm diameter with manual feed. The MAB 1300 V can be operated automatically as well as manually. MAB 1300 V is completely developed and made in Germany and comes with international warranty. MAB 1300 V is a multipurpose machine which can perform drilling as well as tapping, reraming and countersink. The machine is equipped with powerful 2300 Watt German make motor with oil bath gearbox and four speed gears.


Diameter Drilling


Tapping Capacity


Powerful Motor



Full wave control electronics

Manual drilling option

Automatic feed & return

Reversible motor

Magnet indicator

MT 4 Morse Taper

4 Ejector pins ZAK 075 + 090 + 100 + 120

Safety strap

Drill drift

MT 4 industrial arbor 19 mm weldon

MT 4 industrial arbor 32 mm weldon

Torx screwdriver

Operating manual

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