EKF 545

45° X 12 mm Beveling

The EKF Portable Plate Beveller are ideal for deburring, bevelling and weld seam preparation.

They deliver optimal results in a short amount of time, be it machining metal components made of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, brass or even synthetic materials.

The new milling technology from BDS produces the best results with comfortable handling: The new tangential plate configuration on the milling heads ensures low-impact and low-vibration machining even at lower speeds.

EKF 545 plate beveller is ideal for 45-degree beveling with 12 mm (0.472'') width. Equipped with a German make motor which is 1800 Watts (14.50 Amp) and delivers 1850 - 3350 RPM.

The weight of the EKF 545 is 9.3 Kg. (20.5 lbs.) and is available in 230 and 110 Volts.

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Motor Output1800 Watts
Voltage220-240 / 110-125 Volt (50-60 Hz)
SpeedSeamless Electronic speed regulation (1850 - 3350 min-1) with full wave control electronics
Chamfer Width0-12 mm
Angle Adjustment45°
Milling CutterZFR 545
Carbide Reversible Disc (Insert)SHM 900 / SHM 900 E
Weight9.3 Kg

1 Arbour milling cutter (ZFR 545) with 6 carbide insert (SHM 900)

1 Hook wrench 52/55

1 Torx screwdriver TX 15

1 Spanner SW 22

1 Carry case

1 Operating manual

Product Video of Beveling Machines


Arbour Milling Cutter

ZFR 545

Carbide Reversible Disc (Insert)

SHM 900 & SHM 900 E