MAB 825 V

MAB 825 V

Premium Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine

Technical Specs

Core drill short 30 mm (1-3/16")
Ø 12-60 mm (2-23/64") Auto Ø 12-100 mm (3-15/16") Manual
Core dril long 55 mm (2-11/64")
Ø 12-60 (2-23/64") mm Auto Ø 12-100 (3-15/16") mm Manual
Core drill extra-long 110 mm (4-21/64")
Thread cutting
< M30 (1-1/8")
< 40 mm (1-37/64")
< 31.75 mm (1-1/4")
Twist drilling
< 26 mm (1-1/32") Auto < 31.75 mm (1-1/4") Manual
Friction clutch
Permanent internal lubrication
Speed range 1
40-110 min-1
Speed range 2
65-175 min-1
Speed range 3
140-360 min-1
Speed range 4
220-600 min-1
Morse taper
MT 3
Quick change drill chuck-system
Industrial arbor
MT 3, 32 mm Weldon (1-1/4')
Direct arbor
34 Kg (74 lbs)
Magnet Size
110 X 220 X 54 mm
255 mm (10-3/64")
230 V or 110 V AC
Motor Output
1800 Watt (16 Amp)
Swivel Base
Optional as MAB 845V
Carbon brush wear control
CW/CCW rotation
Overheating protection
Magnet indicator
Full wave control electronics
Torque Control

MAB 825 V - Automatic magnetic core drilling machine. Full performance and flexibility for steel, plant and mechanical engineering With adjustable automatic feed rate.

►The automatic feed is coupled in and out at the turnstile and can be switched on in any position.

►The infinitely variable feed rate ensures optimum use of the respective tool.

►When the upper or lower end position is reached, the feed is automatically deactivated.

►Further processing is possible at any time by manual switching.

►Safety Control Shutdown: If the magnet loses liability, the drilling and feed motor are switched off automatically.

►The machine can - with the same performance data - also be used with manual feed.

The MAB 825 V automatic magnetic drilling machine, can perform core drilling up to Ø 100 mm (Ø 4-1/16") in manual mode and Ø 60 mm (Ø 2-23/64") in automatic mode. Thread cutting up to Ø M30 (Ø 1-1/4") in automatic or manual mode.

MAB 825 V – The Worlds' Most Powerful Magnetic Core Drilling Machine - Outstanding performance with exceptional power delivery. The MAB 825 V is currently the strongest magnetic core drilling machine.

You just need to look at the machine to get the idea! 1800 Watt (16 Amp) motor performance, four-speed gears, Morse Taper 3, Single phase and fully equipped to fulfill every requirement. The MAB 825 V automatic magnetic drilling machine reaches the performance limit of automatic magnetic drilling machine technology.

MAB 825 V – Automatic As Well As Manual.

As a standard, the MAB 825 V automatic magnetic drilling machine has a direct arbor with 32 mm Weldon shank (1-1/4") and a Morse Taper MT 3.

The MAB 825 V automatic magnetic drilling machine is fully equipped with all the safety measures of current magnetic core drilling technology: protection from machine overheating, protection from tool damage, alerts when the carbon brushes are worn and a warning when the magnet holding force is too low.

The MAB 825 V automatic magnetic drilling machine is delivered as standard in a stable carry case on wheels made out of impact resistant plastic. It is thus very portable and easy to handle despite its weighty 25 kg. (68 lbs.)

The MAB 825V is also available only as manual option under ProfiSPLUS category as model number MAB 825.

100 mm

Diameter Drilling

M 30

Tapping Capacity

1800 Watt

Powerful Motor

34 Kg




16 Amp

74 lbs.

Automatic feed & return

Manual drilling option

Full wave control electronics

Reversible motor

Magnet indicator

MT 3 Morse Taper

4 Ejector pins ZAK 075 + 090 + 100 + 120

Safety strap

Drill drift

MT 3 industrial arbor 19 mm weldon

MT 3 industrial arbor 32 mm weldon

Torx screwdriver

Operating manual

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