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BDS Maschinen GmbH is a manufacturer of made in Germany premium class Magnetic Drilling Machines, Annular Cutters and Plate Beveling Machines.

BDS is the worlds' leading manufacturer having in its product range more than 27 types of magnetic drill press dedicated to core drilling, twist drilling, tapping, reaming and countersink.

Moreover, BDS manufactures special drilling machines such as two types of rail drilling machines, pneumatic magnetic drilling machines, compact magnetic drilling machines, automatic magnetic drilling machines, cross table base magnetic drilling machines, etc.

BDS excels in manufacturing annular cutters with Europes' one of the modern manufacturing facility for producing premium quality annular cutters also called as core drills.

Within a short period of time BDS has also gained popularity worldwide for its automatic plate beveling machine. Along with the automatic beveling machine, BDS also has in its product range portable manual feed plate beveling machine, and seven other types of lightweight deburring & chamfering machines.

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  • Single phase machine
  • Integrated oil tank
  • Complete internal cabling
  • Large safe switches
  • Magnet indicator
  • Reversible Motor
  • Swivel Base
  • KEYLESS Drill Chuck
  • Internal Lubrication
  • Oil bath gearbox
  • Carbon brush indicator
  • Speed & torque controls
  • Full wave control electronics

Single phase machine

All BDS Magnetic core drill machine run on single phase power supply and are still more powerful than any conventional drilling machine which run on 3 phase power supply.

Integrated oil tank

The BDS Magnetic core drilling machine of professional range are equipped with integrated cooling tank which provides continuous lubrication while drilling. The tank is integrated in the body of the machine so designed that it looks as one unit.

Complete internal cabling

BDS Magnetic Core Drilling Machines are safe to handle. Due to internal cabling, cables are protected against tearing-off.

Large safe switches

The large switches for motor and magnetic power are separated and safe to handle, i.e., confusion is impossible and accidents are prevented. Thanks to the construction of the switch, unintended actuation of the motor switch is prevented.

Magnet indicator

The load configuration and the reserves of the electromagnet are exactly adapted for the performance of the respective magnetic core drilling machine. The user is informed by a visual control. LED green: The magnetic adhesion meets the minimum requirements. LED red: The magnetic adhesion is not sufficient, because it is reduced due to low material thickness or a coat of lacquer, forge scale or zinc.

Reversible Motor

The reversible motor is an essential feature for thread cutting or tapping. Reversible motor makes it easy to remove the taps without damaging the threads. The left hand tap is also possible with the reversible motor.

Swivel Base

The Swivel Base is an adjustment device on BDS magnetic core drilling machines. To use it: Bring the machine roughly into position, activate the magnet, disable the Swivel Base locking mechanism and now adjust the machine exactly. A relief, especially for overhead or horizontal work.

KEYLESS Drill Chuck

Keyless quick-change Drill Chuck

Internal Lubrication

Cutting oil where it is required. This principle always ensures the exact amount and even distribution over the entire cutting area. No dry running and overheating of the drill, no excessive use of coolant. Tool service life and work results will be significantly improved.

Oil bath gearbox

BDS offers a wide range of highly efficient magnetic core drilling machines with powerful and durable motors. The spectrum ranges from 800 W to 2,300 W. They are designed for the high performance requirements of the magnetic core drill technology. BDS manufactures machines with multi-stage gearboxes, which are completely embedded in oil. BDS magnetic core drilling machines are robust and reliable.

Carbon brush indicator

The machines of the Profi-PLUS class are provided with a new visual wear control for the carbon brushes. By replacing the worn carbon brushes in time, you will protect the motor of your machine from damage.

Speed & torque controls

The BDS ProfiPLUS class magnetic drilling machines are equipped with Speed & Torque control potentiometer to help you get the exact RPM and also the required torque while drilling, tapping, racing or countersinking.

Full wave control electronics

The electronic control ensures continuous adaptation of the motor output to the load during drilling. The advantages are high performance at low speed and a steady sequence. If load peaks should be too high, the electronic torque control will be activated in order to prevent tool breakage and avoidable damage. An active contribution to employee safety with BDS machines.


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ProfiSTART magnetic base drilling machines are intended for heavy-duty drilling operations. These machines have the advantages over the competition by having features like complete internal cabling, magnet indicator, robust oil-bath gearbox, and most important KEYLESS drill chucks for the Morse Taper 2 models.

ProfiPLUS magnetic drills are intended for Drilling, Tapping, Countersink and Reaming operations. These four operations are possible by the ProfiPLUS magnetic drills because these models are equipped with ”Reversible Motors”. The reversible motor can rotate clockwise as well as counter-clockwise. BDS Maschinen is one of the very few manufacturers of magnetic drills in the world with reversible motors.

ProfiBASIC mag drills are recently introduced mag drills for users who have less drilling requirement and wish to have more price economical machine. These mag drills like our other mag drills are also made in Germany. These machines are made price economical by reducing extra features from the machine and by making as simple as possible. These mag drills have heavy duty grease box, have external cabling and lack indicators and sensors. These mag drills have become very popular among users who wished to buy a price economical machine but do not want to compromise on quality.

ProfiSPEZIAL are the special purpose drilling machines for the special drilling requirements of the users. These class of drilling machines comprises of Pneumatic drilling machine, compact low height magnetic drilling machine, cordless battery operated magnetic drilling machine, two new models of automatic magnetic drilling machines, two new models of automatic magnetic drilling plus tapping machines, electric driven rail drilling machine, petrol driven rail drilling machine and a brand new cross table base magnetic drilling machine.



This is how we manufacture annular cutters in Germany.




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Free Counter Display For BDS 7500 Cutting Paste Tube

Presenting our brand new Counter Display for the very practical Cutting Paste Tube BDS 7500 ideal for drilling and tapping operation.

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Cutting Speed Calculator For Annular Cutter

The World’s only app to help you calculate the cutting speed (RPM) for Annular Cutters and Magnetic Drills. This fully automated app can also be used for products from other brands.

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Drilling Stainless Steel Or Non-Ferrous Metals With A Magnetic Drill

The Best Way Of Drilling Stainless Steel Or Non-Ferrous Metals with Magnetic Drills Is With The Vaccum Plate System (ZAV) From BDS Maschinen GmbH.

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