MAB 100 K

MAB 100 K

Ø 30 X 55 mm Core Drilling Lightweight Magnetic Drill Press

Technical Specs

Core drill short 30 mm (1-3/16")
12-30 mm (1-3/16")
Core dril long 55 mm (2-11/64")
12-30 mm (1-3/16")
Core drill extra-long 110 mm (4-21/64")
Thread cutting
Twist drilling
Friction clutch
Permanent internal lubrication
Speed range 1
460 min-1
Speed range 2
Speed range 3
Speed range 4
Morse taper
Quick change drill chuck-system
KEYLESS 19 mm (3/4")
Industrial arbor
Direct arbor
9.9 Kg (21 lbs)
Magnet Size
84 x 160 x 41,5 mm
70 mm (2-3/4")
230 V or 110 V AC
Motor Output
1050 Watt (9 Amp)
Swivel Base
Carbon brush wear control
CW/CCW rotation
Overheating protection
Magnet indicator
Full wave control electronics
Torque Control

The most lightweight magnetic drill press from BDS Maschinen, weighing just 9.9 Kg. (21.82 lbs.). The new generation MAB 100K reboots the older model MAB 100. The new MAB 100K lightweight magnetic drill now comes with a KEYLESS Drill Chuck System with 19 mm (3/4'') Weldon.

MAB 100K lightweight magnetic drill is the best entry into a successful technology, where the professional user can expect a well-engineered, robust machine built for continuous service. This compact magnetic drill press is just minimum 318 mm (12 33/64'') high and maximum 383 mm (15 5/64'') high, thus has 70 mm (2 3/4'') working stroke.

Even though the working stroke of MAB 100K is just 70 mm (2 3/4''), you can still use the machine for drilling with twist drill bits. Now with the specially developed ‘’BDS Twist Drills With Weldon Shank (SPS)’’ there is no need of any drill chuck adapter (which reduces the machines stroke). Just use this special twist drill bits and attach it to the KEYLESS drill chuck of the machine. For more explanation please watch the product video of MAB 100K.

This super lightweight magnetic drill press can drill up to 30 mm (1 3/16'') diameter and 55 mm (2 11/64'') cutting depth. The magnetic drill press is equipped with a new 1050 Watts (9.5 Amp) motor, also made in Germany. The MAB 100K model is available in 230 Volts and 110 Volts in 50-60 Hz.

The premium feature of the MAB 100K lightweight magnetic drill is the COMPLETE INTERNAL CABLING. You may not see any cable coming out from the stand of the machine and connecting the motor of the machine. Due to this internal cabling, making it very easy, handy and safe to carry the machine even on towers or pre-engineered steel structures.

For even compact option of magnetic drilling machine we recommend our model MAB 155.

30 mm

Diameter Drilling


Cutting Depth

1050 Watt

Powerful Motor

9.9 Kg




9 Amp

21 lbs.

Lightweight 9.9 Kg.

Compact design, stroke 70 mm

Protected internal cabling

Permanent internal lubrication

Safe switches

Integrated cooling tank

Single phase machine

Core drilling up to 35 mm diameter

1 Ejector pin ZAK 075 + 100

1 Hard protective case

1 Safety chain

1 Offset screwdriver SW 4

1 Operating manual

Product Videos