Quick Change Insert With Friction Clutch For BLIND HOLE Tapping
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Threads from M6 to M42 - BDS inserts with safety slip clutch enable the precise cutting of through and blind hole threads.

The safety slip clutch prevents the tap from hitting the bottom of the hole and breaking off.

GSS 205 size 2 M5/M6

GSS 208 size 2 M8

GSS 210 size 2 M10

GSS 212 size 2 M12

GSS 216 size 2 M16

GSS 218 size 2 M18

GSS 220 size 2 M20

GSS 222 size 2 M22

GSS 312 size 3 M12

GSS 314 size 3 M14

GSS 316 size 3 M16

GSS 318 size 3 M18

GSS 320 size 3 M20

GSS 322 size 3 M22/M24

GSS 327 size 3 M27

GSS 330 size 3 M30

GSS 420 size 4 M20

GSS 422 size 4 M22/M24

GSS 427 size 4 M27

GSS 430 size 4 M30

GSS 433 size 4 M33

GSS 436 size 4 M36

GSS 442 size 4 M42

GSS Quick-change insert with safety friction clutch Size 2, 3, 4

The GSS Quick Change Tapping Insert With Friction Clutch Is Used Blind Hole Tapping As Well As For Through Hole Tapping. The GSS Blind Hole Tapping Collets Is Equipped With A Friction Clutch Which Once The Tap Head Reached The Bottom Of The Blind Hole, The Friction Clutch Of The Quick Change Insert Will Get Activated And The Tap Will Stop To Penetrate More. Thus, The Tap Does Not Break. The GSS Collets For Bling Hole Tapping Are Used In Combination With GSW Quick Change Drill Chuck. The GSS Quick Change Inserts For Tapping Are Available From M5 To M24 Threading Size. For More Information Please Download The Data Sheet.

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