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Machine Check Up

This is how you keep your magnetic core drilling machines in top shape! BDS checks your machine thoroughly, tests all functions and recommends the most cost-effective solution if repair work needs to be done. The scope of a BDS service package includes: -Disassembly and repair

  • Check of connector, switches and wiring
  • Replacement of wearing parts such as spindle, steady, guideway elements and carbon brushes
  • Armature, coil, printed-circuit boards and magnet will be checked and replaced, if required, after an estimate has been made

Individual consultancy

Do you have any questions about magnetic core drilling technology? Do you want to know which machine is the right one for your Requirements? Will will be pleased to provide you with specific advice! Contact our head office in Mönchengladbach. You will be put in Touch with the relevant expert or be given a call back. We look forward to your call or email.
Telephone: +49(0)2161-3546-0
E-Mail: [email protected]

Grinding service

Regrinding of BDS core drilling tools lowers your tool costs. BDS core drills of the HSS-Co 8 and HSS-Standard series are designed so that they can be re- ground several times without losing quality. The tools are reworked on up-to- date grinding machines. Benefit from our professional regrinding service with ORIGINAL BDS grinding geometry. Do you want to regrind yourself? Instructions are enclosed with drill package and available in the download area on our website.