CarbidePLUS Series Annular Cutters

German Quality

Annular cutters of the Carbide PLUS range are coated with hard, wear-resistant material under the effect of plasma in another work step. Annular cutters of this range are used preferably for machining stainless steel and in combination with the BDS 6000 coolant or BDS cutting paste.

  • High-strength fully ground core drill
  • Carbide coating in a range of 2.5 μ
  • Longer service Life
  • More uniform discharge of chips, particularly during prolonged drilling – a key point for safety during work

CarbidePLUS Series Annular Cutters

TCT Core Drills With Carbide Coating

Technical specifications

QualityTCT Carbide Coated
Article no.HKK-P
Cutting depth in mm30
Diameter in mm14-60
Weldon Shank19 mm (3/4")
Ejector PinZAK 075
LubricantBDS 6000
Carbide CoatingYes

Annular Cutters Box & Cassettes

Carbide PLUS core drill Box
5x HKK Annular Cutter in 30 mm Cutting depth


2 x HKK-P 014

2 x HKK-P 018

1 x HKK-P 022

Product Video of Annular Core Cutters

Recommended Cutting Speed & Lubricant

  • Material
  • Stainless Steel / Inox
  • Fine-grain Steel<500 N/m2
  • Fine-grain Steel <700 N/m2
  • Fine-grain Steel <1000 N/m2
  • Cutting Speed
  • 20 m/min
  • 35 m/min
  • 25 m/min
  • 20 m/min
  • Lubricant
  • Cooling Lubricant BDS 6000
  • Cooling Lubricant BDS 6000
  • Cooling Lubricant BDS 6000
  • Cooling Lubricant BDS 6000