BDS Special Purpose Drilling Machines


BDS already has the correct machine in its range for the vast majority of applications. However, every now and then tasks crop up that cannot be completed optimally with existing technology. In such special cases, we develop customized special machines in small series or even as single pieces for our customers. We will be happy to quantities your individual solution for you.

Here you can see three examples out of hundreds of solutions already delivered.

MAB 525 with prism clamping system for machining pipes

The prism plates adjustable at the sides can be adapted to the pipe diameter and thus stabilise the core drilling unit against lateral twisting.The magnetic retaining force of the magnetic core drilling machine now fixes the drilling unit to the pipe with the clamping system.

MAB 825 PS

Specially retooled MAB 825 magnetic core drilling machine with rail clamping system for precise fitted bores in special profiles with a drilling template.

MAB 825 W90

Small anglular drilling machines can do lots of things. But in this particular case, the challenge was considerable.With a 90° clamping angle, BDS has solved the problem.