Two exclusive Apps for Android & iOS

RPM Calculator App
BDS Maschinen Official App

RPM Calculator

The World's only app to help you calculate the cutting speed (RPM) for Annular Cutters and Magnetic Drills. This fully automated app can not only be used for BDS Maschinen GmbH products but also for products from other brands.

This new RPM Calculator App can be used completely offline, independent of internet connectivity.

This is how the App works...Select the model of the magnetic drill you have, select the type of material you are drilling, select the type of annular cutter you are using, select the diameter of the annular cutter in millimeters or in inches and just press the Calculate button.

BDS Maschinen Official App

World's first Mobile App completely dedicated to metal core drilling technology. A very useful App for drilling operators as well as for our distributors. The exclusive features of the App include finding magnetic drilling machine and annular cutters automatically as per your drilling requirement. Calculate cutting speed and know the gear step for your magnetic drilling machine automatically in seconds. Find thread cutting adapters as per size and specific magnetic drilling machine model automatically. Watch all our product videos and Catalogues now on your mobile phones. Showcasing a wide range of magnetic drilling machines, annular cutters, and plate beveling machines.