EKF 452.3

EKF 452.3

Radius 2.5 mm Chamfering

Technical Specs

Motor Output
1500 Watt
220-240 V & 110-125 V (50-60 Hz)
6000 min -1
Chamfer width
Radius 2.5 mm.
Angle adjustment
Millng Cutter
ZFR 452.3
Carbide reversing cutter
SHM 202
4.6 kg
Milling cutter

ZFR 452.3

Carbide reversible disks

SHM 202

Straightforward & easy Handling low weight, Variable 3 milling cutters optionally 45°, 30° or R 2.5 mm, powerful 1.5 kW motor. Deburring and chamfering machines for quick and precise edge processing 20°, 45° or R 2.5 mm. Deburring and chamfering with machines from the EKF series. The BDS deburring and chamfering machine can be universally used for industry and craft: In mould making, boiler construction, plant construction, mechanical engineering and for sheet metal working. The EKF machine is ideally suited for deburring and chamfering of parts made of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, brass and plastic. Due to its handy, compact design, the machine can be used on straight edges, internal and external radii and for drill holes from diameter 22 mm. The fine adjustment allows slight chamfers for deburring up to the preparation of welding seams. Three milling cutters with a chamfering angle of 45°, optionally 30° or a radius of 2.5 mm are available. The reversible disks can be used in 3 ways. Ideal for the following applications: Moldmaking (straighten edges, internal and external radii and countersink holes from 7/8" dia.), Boiler and process plant construction (prepare weld seams on heat exchangers), Mechanical engineering (deburr machine parts, chamfer edges to protect against paint peeling and create visible edges), Sheet metal (deburr cut edges).

1 Milling cutter

6 Carbide reversible disks

1 Jaw spanner SW 22

1 Carry case

1 Sickle spanner

1 Torx screwdriver T9

1 Operating manual

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