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ZMC 200

MobilCLAMP, convert magnetic drill into a drill press or bench drill with this special clamping device.

The innovative MobilCLAMP is a mobile clamping device that allows the scope of application of a magnetic core drilling machine to be extended to the assembly line and workshop. To this end, the magnetic core drilling machine is placed on the supporting surface and switched on. Components can be securely clamped in the prism vice, and without having to expend a lot of effort you immediately have a flexible bench drilling machine.  

  • By attaching a Vise on the clamping device, and a magnetic drilling machine over the clamp plate, one can easily drill also small parts with a magnetic drilling machine.
  • Converts a magnetic drilling machine into a portable bench drilling machine.
  • Very portable and lightweight. Useful for drilling small parts at remote locations.

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