The Swivel Base Technology For Our Magnetic Drilling Machines

Anyone who has ever worked with Swivel Base equipped machines from BDS will never wish to be drill without it again. Swivel Base allows precise, accurate centering of the hole to be drilled without having to move the complete weight of the machine at the same time.Ideal for overhead and horizontal drilling situations.

Mag Drills Swivel Base Technology
Mag Drills Swivel Base Technology

The Swivel Base technology of BDS allows easy and precise movement of the drilling machine on the magnet. The machine can be swivelled by 20° to the left and right and be moved 15 mm forward and backward. Precise centring is thus significantly easier. Swivel Base ensures greater comfort and safety particularly when working on a vertical surface or overhead.

Mag Drills Swivel Base Technology


Put the machine in roughly the right position.


Switch on the magnet.


Unlock adjustment device and effortlessly adjust machine precisely.


Lock the adjustment device with the hand lever again, once the center of the hole is achieved.

Video OF Magnetic Drilling Machines Equipped With Swivel Base

Mag Drills Swivel Base Technology