EKF 630

30° X 15 mm Beveling

The EKF 630 Heavy Duty Beveling Machine is an ideal machine for beveling 30-degree in 15 mm (0.590'') width. Equipped with a powerful German make motor of 2300 Watts (20.9 Amp) delivering 1600 - 3000 RPM with variable speed control.

EKF 630 weighs just 10.2 Kg (22.48 lbs.) and is available in 220-240 V & 110-125 V (50-60 Hz).

A wide range of materials can be machined easily with the variable speed control & full wave control electronics in combination with the strong motor output. The new inserts with four cutting edges also make machining easier.

A new gear mechanism redesigned especially for the new EKF Beveling Machine series delivers maximum stability: The double bearing in the working spindle angular ball bearings in tandem ensures precise concentricity and stability.

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Motor Output2300 Watt
Voltage220-240 / 110-125 Volt (50-60 Hz)
SpeedSeamless Electronic speed regulation (1600 -3000 min-1) with full wave control electronics
Chamfer Width15 mm
Angle Adjustment30°
Milling CutterZFR 630
Carbide Reversible Disc (Insert)SHM 900 & SHM 900 E
Weight10.2 Kg

1 Arbour milling cutter (ZFR 630) with 10 carbide insert (SHM 900)

1 Hook wrench 52/55

1 Torx screwdriver TX 15

1 Spanner SW 22

1 Carry case

1 Operating manual

Product Video of Beveling Machines


Arbour Milling Cutter

ZFR 630

Carbide Reversible Disc (Insert)

SHM 900 & SHM 900 E