ZRO 250 Tube Clamp Small
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ZRO 250

pipe ø : 80 250 mm

chain length : 900 mm

Clamping device for pipes from 80 mm to 250 mm in diameter.

The pipe clamping devices from BDS are suitable as standard for pipes with a diameter of 80 to 250 mm. Flexible and fast clamping is possible in every drilling situation. Tensioning chains fix the tensioning device on the tube with swiveling prisms. Adjusting the drilling position on the pipe is easy and safe to use. With these devices, the possible uses of the ProfiPLUS magnetic core drilling machines are significantly increased.

Suitable for MAB 485, MAB 525, MAB 100K, MAB 455, MAB 465, MABasic 200, MABasic 400, MABasic 450, AutoMAB 350, AutoMAB 450, AirMAB 5000

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