MAB 465

MAB 465

Magnetic Drilling + Tapping Machine

Technical Specs

Core drill short 30 mm
Ø 12-40 mm
Core dril long 55 mm
Ø 12-40 mm
Core drill extra-long 110 mm
Thread cutting
< M16
< 40 mm
< 18 mm
Twist drilling
< 18 mm
Friction clutch
Permanent internal lubrication
Speed range 1
50 - 250 min-1
Speed range 2
100 - 450 min-1
Speed range 3
Speed range 4
Morse taper
Quick change drill chuck-system
Industrial arbor
Direct arbor
13 Kg
Magnet Size
168 X 84 X 41.5 mm
160 mm
230 V or 110 V AC
Motor Output
1150 Watt
Swivel Base
Optional (MAB 465SB)
Carbon brush wear control
CW/CCW rotation
Overheating protection
Magnet indicator
Full wave control electronics
Torque Control

Presenting the Made in Germany, brand new price economical magnetic drilling and tapping machine MAB 465. The made in Germany MAB 465 magnetic drill press is an ideal machine for drilling, tapping, countersink and reaming, thanks to its reversible motor and variable speed control. The lightweight magnetic drilling tapping machine is equipped with 19 mm Weldon direct arbor and a powerful magnet. The MAB 465 mag drill is also equipped with intelligent magnet adhesion indicator. This portable drilling tapping machine has complete internal cabling to avoid accidents while drilling overhead or in a horizontal position. The MAB 465 comes with a price economical but powerful German-made grease gearbox motor. The MAB 465 can drill up to 40 mm diameter in 55 mm cutting depth. The tapping capacity of the machine is M16. The MAB 465 magnetic drilling tapping machine is available in 230 V as well as in 110 Volts.


Diameter Drilling


Cutting Depth


Powerful Motor



Full wave control electronics

Reversible motor

Magnet indicator

Complete internal cabling

Overheat protection

Two-stage grease gearbox

Hexagonal offset screwdriver

2 ejector pins ZAK 075 + ZAK 100

Safety chain

Hard protective case

Operating manual

Product Videos