How to use annular cutters on drilling machines?

The ZIA -M Annular Cutter Arbor Is The Best And Easiest Tool For Using Annular Cutters On A Magnetic Drill Press Or A Conventional Drill Press. He ZIA -M Annular Cutter Arbor Is Available In Morse Taper 2, 3, 4 And 5. There Are Two Types Of The ZIA -M Annular Cutter Arbor, Types One For Using With Annular Cutters With 19 mm Weldon Shank And Other For Annular Cutters With 32 mm Weldon Shank. The ZIA -M Annular Cutter Arbor Must Be Used With External Lubrication With The Manual Method. If You Wish To Have Automatic Internal Lubrication We Recommend You Our ZIA-KN Annular Cutter Arbor With Automatic Internal Lubrication System.

How to convert 19 mm weldon to 32 mm?

By using a weldon shank converter called ZAP 200. The ZAP 200 Adapter Converts The Weldon Shaft Of Annular Cutter From 19 mm (1 ¼’’)To 32 mm (3/4’’). This Weldon Shank Converter Is Ideal For Using A 19 Mm Shank Annular Cutter With A 32 Mm Shank Capacity Drill Arbor. So The ZAP 200 Weldon Shaft Converters Makes It Possible To Use Annular Cutters Below 60 Mm Diameter On A 32 Mm Shank Capacity Drill Chuck Arbor Or Industrial Arbor.

How to extend the length of annular cutter?

Yes with an adapter called ZAP 300. The ZAP 300 Adapters Is An Extension For Increasing The Length Of An Annular Cutter- The ZAP 300 Annular Cutter Extensions Is An Ideal Adapter Special Jobs Or Castings Where The Magnetic Drilling Machine Has To Be Placed On A Higher Level Than The Surface To Be Drilled, In Such Situations The ZAP 300 Annular Cutter Extension Helps Reduce Cost By Avoiding Unnecessary Longer Length Annular Cutters.