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Annular Cutters

Annular Cutters or also called popularly as Core Drills, or Core Cutters is one of the premium product manufactured by BDS Maschinen GmbH, Germany. BDS is one of the few manufacturers in Europe which 100% manufactures the annular cutters, in its own factory in Germany.

BDS manufactures the high-speed steel annular cutters in-house at the factory located in Mönchengladbach Germany. The raw material of BDS annular cutters is sourced from one the worlds’ best steel manufacturer, Böhler Steel.

The BDS annular cutters are manufactured on high tech modern grinding centers with the help of state of the art robots. BDS welcomes you to visit the production facility at Mönchengladbach from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 o’clock.

BDS has in its product range mainly two types of the annular cutters, High-Speed Steel Annular Cutters and Tungsten Carbide Tip Annular Cutters.

The BDS Annular Cutters are available in millimeters and inches.

The High-Speed Steel Annular Cutters or also called as HSS Annular Cutter are the most popular type of Annular Cutter worldwide.

BDS produces three types of HSS Annular Cutter depending on the raw material used:

1. HSS-Cobalt 8% HSS Annular Cutters, made from M42 high-speed steel. Used for drilling harder material and more service life.

2. HSS-VarioPLUS Annular Cutters, made from M2 high-speed steel and with an extra hard coating to drill harder material and get a smooth finish.

3. HSS-Standard Annular Cutters, made from M2 high-speed steel, used for drilling normal material. These are the most price economical annular cutters.

BDS also supplies three types of TCT Annular Cutter:

1. Carbide Standard TCT Annular Cutters are a popular type especially for drilling very hard material and larger diameters.

2. Carbide-PLUS TCT Annular Cutters are hard coated Annular Cutter for drilling material like stainless steel, HARDOX, INOX etc. These Annular Cutters have more heat resistance and more service life.

3. Carbide-RAIL TCT Annular Cutters are the specially developed core drilling for drilling railway tracks or rails. They are also used for drilling hard and corroded materials.

The BDS annular cutters are available as standard in 30, 55, 75 and 110 mm cutting length. The diameter ranges from 12 mm to 130 mm as standard. BDS also manufactures special lengths or diameters on demand as per customer request.

All BDS Annular Cutters are also available in inches or in imperial sizes.

Annular Cutters from BDS are available in WELDON shank or shaft as a standard, but can also be supplied in the universal shank or as per request.

About Us

Martin Dürr min

Headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany, our simple and efficient strategy is optimized to continually produce the finest Magnetic core drilling machines, Core drills, and Edge processing machines. Over more than 100 countries rely on BDS to supply professional, robust, excellent quality machines capable of handling even the toughest metalworking jobs possible.

The simplistic and superior design of these machines makes it possible for craftsmen to accomplish their work quickly and precisely.

Our milestones:

Strongest magnetic drilling machine MAB 1300.
Most advanced fully automatic beveling machine AutoCUT 500.
Widest range of annular cutters.

BDS was founded in 1989, and has since become the leading manufacturer of magnetic drilling machines and annular cutters in across the world and number one in Germany. Driven by technology and determined to produce the highest-quality products in the industry, BDS leaves nothing to chance.

BDS focuses on designing and manufacturing more than 30 different magnetic drilling machine models for metalworking professionals around the globe to meet their toughest requirement in metal drilling. In fact, we offer the largest product range of any magnetic drilling machine manufacturer in the world.

Through an innovate technological design that blends over 25 years of experience with modern knowledge, BDS relentlessly produces incredible magnetic drilling machine, broach cutters and Beveling machines that meet, and exceed, industry demands.

BDS produces core drills at their facility in Mönchengladbach, with all the benefits for users worldwide: High manufacturing precision and competence, Use of steels from well-known manufacturers and Short-term availability and fast delivery.

BDS magnetic core drilling machines and core drilling tools must be considered as a functional unit. Thus, the development of in-house core drill production was expedited right from the beginning in parallel to the production of the machines. This is why the core drills of BDS today are on top worldwide.

It is our goal to create simple, practical, and robust market solutions that benefit our customers and their respective industries. We believe in balanced communication and partnerships and are dedicated to supplying each of our customers with a high level of professional customized service.

We are defined by both our ability to reach an international market and the quality of our products. We invite you to test our superior “Made in Germany” magnetic drilling machines, annular cutters, and beveling machines.

Our motor: Simply Better Drilling.



BDS Information & Traning Center

In 2013, we inaugurated our new Information and Training Centre in Mönchengladbach. The full range of BDS magnetic core drilling technology can be experienced and realised here. All our machines are ready for demonstration with interesting accessories and the whole assortment of our core drill series. We are happy to arrange to inform you on-site about the universal possibilities of our machines, about the differences between products and about our concept of quality Made in Germany. Simply better drilling.

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