Weldon Shank Converter From 19 mm to 32 mm

Technical Specs

19 mm Adapter/ZAP 200
Order No                                                 Description

ZAP 200

The ZAP 200 Adapter Converts The Weldon Shaft Of Annular Cutter From 19 mm (1 ¼’’)To 32 mm (3/4’’). This Weldon Shank Converter Is Ideal For Using A 19 Mm Shank Annular Cutter With A 32 Mm Shank Capacity Drill Arbor. So The ZAP 200 Weldon Shaft Converters Makes It Possible To Use Annular Cutters Below 60 Mm Diameter On A 32 Mm Shank Capacity Drill Chuck Arbor Or Industrial Arbor.