One-Touch to Weldon Adapter

Technical Specs

One-Touch to Weldon Adapter/ZAF 005
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ZAF 005

With Nitto One Touch holer for core drills with Weldon shaft 19 mm. Incl. 1 ejector pin ZAK 107 and ZAK 125

The ZAF 005 Nitto Annular Cutter Holder Helps To Use Weldon Shank Annular Cutters In Nitto Made Magnetic Drilling Machine. The ZAF 005 Adapter Has A One-Touch Shank Which Is Easily Fitted In The One-Touch Arbor Of The Machine, The Other End Of The Holder Has Weldon Shank Capacity To Take In Annular Cutters With Weldon Shank. All Annular Cutters With 19 Mm Weldon Shank Can Be Used With This ZAF 005 Holder.