Cutting Oil For HSS Annular Cutters

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Cutting Oil For HSS Core Drills/ZHS 006
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ZHS 006

Premium Cutting Oil Ideal For Using With HSS Annular Cutters. For HSS (High-Speed Steel) Annular Cutters We Recommend To Use: High-Performance Cutting Oil BDS 5000 lubricant For HSS Annular Cutter. Pure Vegetable Oil That Is Not A Hazardous Good In The Context Of Transport Regulations. The Base Materials Used Are Not Listed In The Catalog Of Substances Hazardous To Water. BDS 5000 Is Not Subject To Labeling. Organic Basic Material With Additives. Water Hazard Class 1. Bio-Degradable, Optimal Base Adjustment Of The Viscosity For The Use Of BDS Core Drills, And Easy Use For Subsequent Galvanizing.