Coolants & Premium Accessories

The best working results – for the nature! High-performance lubricants and cleaning spray are aligned perfectly to the respective application. These are environment-friendly products. PowerCLEAER – the new innovative metal chip removing and cleaning tool. The new carry cases developed by BDS for magnetic core drilling machines have many benefits. PowerWORKER – The BDS PowerWORKER cleans up with all magnetic drilling chips.

Tapping Accessories

Magnetic core drilling machines of the ProfiPLUS class are ideally suited for thread cutting. Assignment of machines of the ProfiPLUS class and the possible thread diameter to the size of the basic quick-change drill chucks and inserts. The large stroke range of the BDS magnetic core drilling machines, in conjunction with the quick-change chuck, facilitates fast and efficient working without having to repeat the aligning and centring when changing the tool.

Tool holders & Adapters

For BDS core drills with Weldon shanks – suitable for adaptation to external systems. Adapters for BDS core drills. With the appropriate adapter, BDS core drills with Weldon shanks are compatible with standard machines or tool holder systems on the market.Tool holders for BDS core drills with Weldon arbor. They allow for a friction-locked, comfortable and secure connection between the core drill and the magnetic core drilling machine.

Clamping Devices

For magnetic core drilling machines of the ProfiPLUS and ProfiSTART class. For tube processing and drilling of nonferrous metals and stainless steel. Build your own magnetic drilling machine! BDS provides new options for the subject of clamping mechanisms for working with commercially available manual drilling machines and for magnetic core drilling machines. The BDS clamping devices are also suitable for tubes with a diameter from 80 to 250 mm and 150 to 500 mm.

Special Offer

Starter Kit

The StarterKIT, professional choice for your drilling application. Begin with the proper base equipment for each magnetic core drilling machine. As a consolidated package at a particularly attractive price.

1. Five short core drills of the most common diameters: 14, 18 and 22 mm.


2. 1 litre of High-performance cutting oil BDS 5000.