what is annular cutter

Annular Cutters

The BDS high-speed steel (HSS) annular cutters are made in Germany.

Annular cutters start from 12 mm to 200 mm diameter.

Annular cutters are available in 30, 55, 75 and 110 mm cutting lengths.

The ZIA -M Annular Cutter Arbor Is The Best And Easiest Tool For Using Annular Cutters On A Magnetic Drill Press Or A Conventional Drill Press. He ZIA -M Annular Cutter Arbor Is Available In Morse Taper 2, 3, 4 And 5. There Are Two Types Of The ZIA -M Annular Cutter Arbor, Types One For Using With Annular Cutters With 19 mm Weldon Shank And Other For Annular Cutters With 32 mm Weldon Shank. The ZIA -M Annular Cutter Arbor Must Be Used With External Lubrication With The Manual Method. If You Wish To Have Automatic Internal Lubrication We Recommend You Our ZIA-KN Annular Cutter Arbor With Automatic Internal Lubrication System.

By using a weldon shank converter called ZAP 200. The ZAP 200 Adapter Converts The Weldon Shaft Of Annular Cutter From 19 mm (1 ¼’’)To 32 mm (3/4’’). This Weldon Shank Converter Is Ideal For Using A 19 Mm Shank Annular Cutter With A 32 Mm Shank Capacity Drill Arbor. So The ZAP 200 Weldon Shaft Converters Makes It Possible To Use Annular Cutters Below 60 Mm Diameter On A 32 Mm Shank Capacity Drill Chuck Arbor Or Industrial Arbor.

Yes with an adapter called ZAP 300. The ZAP 300 Adapters Is An Extension For Increasing The Length Of An Annular Cutter- The ZAP 300 Annular Cutter Extensions Is An Ideal Adapter Special Jobs Or Castings Where The Magnetic Drilling Machine Has To Be Placed On A Higher Level Than The Surface To Be Drilled, In Such Situations The ZAP 300 Annular Cutter Extension Helps Reduce Cost By Avoiding Unnecessary Longer Length Annular Cutters.

Yes, special type of annular cutters called the ‘’Stack Cutters’’ can drill multiple plates or sandwich plates.

No, annular cutters because of its geometry can only make through holes and not blind holes.

We recommend the HSS 8% Cobalt Annular Cutters for drilling SS.

We recommend the TCT Coated Annular Cutters for drilling INOX.

Annular core cutters compared to conventional single point twist drills are 1. Faster because its cuts only the periphery on the hole to be made, 2. Quick & Easy because its a multipoint cutting tool, 3. Make more holes per cutter, 4. Very tight tolerance holes, 5. and the HSS annular cutters are re-sharpenable.

There are two types of annular core cutters, 1: High Speed Steel (HSS) annular cutter and 2. Tungsten Carbide Tip (TCT) annular cutter.

Annular core cutters also called as annular cutters or core drills, is a multipoint cutting toll to make through holes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Magnetic Drills

  1. Select the correct annular cutter for the material to be drilled.
  2. Select the correct ejector pin as per the cutter length.
  3. Insert the ejector pin inside the annular cutter. Never use an annular cutter without an ejector pin.
  4. Insert the annular cutter in the machine arbor and tighten the screws correctly.
  5. Move the magnetic base drilling machine towards the mark where the hole is to be drilled and with the help of the pilot pin locate the mark by touching the tip of the pilot pin over the mark.
  6. After positioning the machine on the mark where the hole is to be made, switch on the magnet switch. Check if the magnet indicator glows GREEN.
  7. Fill the coolant tank with BDS lubricant. Never use the machine without lubricant.
  8. Set the correct RPM on the machine for the size of the cutter being used.
  9. Turn ON the coolant tank knob of the magnetic base drilling machine.
  10. You must use the internal lubrication when drilling with annular cutters. Also, use external lubrication when drilling above 50 mm thickness.
  11. Switch ON the motor switch of the magnetic base drilling machine and start to drill with slow feed. Never crash the cutter onto the material.
  12. Start to drill with firm steady feed rate. Too slow or too fast a feed rate will damage the cutter.
  13. Check if the lubricant is coming out. Use a lot of lubricant for good results.
  14. Putting too much pressure on the feed handle of the magnetic base drilling machine will not make drilling faster; instead, it will break the cutters.
  15. Drill with less pressure and steady feed for best results and longer service life of annular cutters.
  16. To prevent long chips forming you should use reverse feed when cutting deep holes.
  17. To prevent accidents clean the work area with BDS PowerWORKER after drilling.
  18. Perfect drilling with the above instructions with magnetic base drilling machine & annular cutters will result in perfectly finished holes, in less time and with more service life of both cutter and machine.

There are two types of gearbox. 1. Grease Gearbox which is economical and light-duty. 2. Oil-Bath Gearbox which is premium, heavy duty and has longer service life.

The smallest size of a magnetic drill is 180 mm high. The model name is called MAB 155 and its a compact low height magnetic drilling machine.

Product page: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/mab-155/


To select the most suitable magnetic drill for your requirement following 3 points are important.

  1. What is the maximum diameter you need to drill?
  2. What is the maximum cutting depth you need to drill?
  3. Do you need tapping (thread cutting) option or not?

The versatile magnetic drill presses can be used in various sectors like,

  • Steel Fabrication
  • PEB Companies
  • Building & Construction
  • Bridge Rebuilding
  • Mining
  • Welding Shops
  • Power Utilities
  • Ship Building
  • Automobiles
  • Pipeline, Offshore,  Oil & Gas Fields
  • Railroad Industries
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Mobile Repair Shops
  • Machinery Riggers

A magnetic drill is an ideal drilling machine when drilling large steel parts which are difficult to maneuver. A magnetic drill is lightweight & portable and can be taken to the large steel parts to be drilled.

To use a magnetic drill for the first time you need 1. Annular cutter or twist drill bit of the desired size, 2. Pilot pin if using annular cutters, and 3. Coolant or cutting oil.

A Magnetic Drill is a machine tool used for drilling metals. Magnetic Drills are equipped with an electromagnet which adheres to the metal while drilling, making the machine very portable compared to conventional heavy duty drilling machines

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