AutoCUT 500

AutoCUT 500

Automatic Plate Beveling Machine

Technical Specs

Motor Output
1100 Watt (10 Amp)
380 V, 3 Phase Or 230 V, 3-phase
2750 min -1
Chamfer width
30 mm (1-3/16")
Angle adjustment
15° - 60° continuously
Millng Cutter
ZFR 500
Carbide Reversible Disc (Insert)
SHM 400
50 kg. (110 lbs.)
Arbor Milling Cutter

SHM 800

Carbide Reversible Disc (Insert)

SHM 400 (or SHM 400 E for stainless steel)

AutoCUT 500 Automatic Plate Beveling Machine for Weld Preparation: Simple And Secure Handling With Guide Rails On Both Sides. Chamfer Width 30 mm. Made in Germany.

Fast And Easy Preparation Of Weld Seams. Continuously Adjustable Angle (15° To 60°) & Land Width Up To 1-3/16" On Plate Up To 1.5" Thick. Robust Design, Single Operator Control, And Easy Handling.

Automatic Feed On Plate Without The Need For A Cart Or Stand. Ideal For Use On Steel, Aluminum And Nonferrous Metals. Offers High-Quality Performance That Allows For Superior Weld Connections. Unit Propels Itself On The Plate - Both Forward And Backward - Without The Need For A Cart Or Stand.

Plate Beveling With Automated and Continually Adjustable Speed Rate: Fast, Flexible And Variable Milling Angle Adjustment. The Guide Rails Make Handling The AutoCUT 500 Automatic Plate Beveling Machine Especially Simple And Secure.

The Milling Angle Can Be Continuously Adjusted From 15 To 60 Degrees. Advantages Of The BDS AutoCUT 500 Automatic Beveling Machine. Easy, Safe Handling.

No Restrictions Of The Working Length. Work Without Carriage, i.e., Independent Of Floor Conditions. Cutting Up To A Plate Thickness Of 40 mm.

This BDS Machine Is Perfectly Suited For Straightforward And Quick Weld Preparation or Beveling Plates. The Automatic Plate Beveling Machine System Is Characterized By Easy Handling And Evenly Milled Sides For A Perfect Weld.

The manual feed beveling machine is available as model number SKF 25

1 Arbor milling cutter with 6 carbide reversible disks SHM 400

1 Operating manual

1 Guide rail on both left and right side

1 Jaw spanner M 19

1 Screwdriver with T-handle SW 5

1 Offset screwdriver SW 6, SW 8, SW 10 each

1 Screwdriver TX 15

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