MAH 485

SKF 25

Alimentation manuelle: Machine à biseautage

Caractéristiques techniques

360° 360°
Puissance du moteur
1100 Watt
220-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
2850 min -1
largeur du chanfrein
15 mm
Réglage de l angle
15 – 60° en continu
Têtes de Fraiseuse
ZFR 250
Cône inversé en carbure
SHM 800
22 kg
Arbor Milling Cuters

ZFR 500

Carbide réversible Dics

ZFR 500

Wide chamfers & up to 15 mm,Continous angle adjustment - from 15 to 60 degree,handy & with ergonomic handle arrangement, easily guided & with guide rollers. Good work preparation, good results. This universal plate beveling machine with integrated tube enables perfect weld preparation. Large guide rollers and a continuous angle adjustment from 15 to 60° render the system practical. SKF 25 beveling machine - This new hand-guided BDS machine is ideally suited for easy and quick preparation of welded seams. On account of its low weight of 22 Kg, it is easy to handle and can be guided exactly and easily with smooth-running rollers. The end result is uniformly milled edges for perfect welded seams.

1 Fraise à Arbor ZFR 250 avec 10 carbure disques réversibles SHM 800

1 tournevis Offset SW 8

1 Manuel d utilisation

1 Tournevis TX 15

1 Carry case

Vidéos du produit

Arbor Milling Cuters

ZFR 500

Carbide réversible Dics

ZFR 500

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