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Magnetic Drilling Machine

Magnetic Base Drilling Machine is the core product of BDS Maschinen®. We specialize in the manufacturing of magnetic base drilling machines since 1989 and concentrate our main focus on this product line.

Currently, we have the widest range of magnetic drills in the world. With more than 27 models of magnetic drills as standard models as well order to make special purpose magnetic drills.

What makes BDS magnetic base drilling machines ''Premium'' are the next generation technologies like 1.) Full wave control electronics for steady watt output even while drilling, the watt of the mag drills do not fall while drilling. 2.) KEYLESS drill chucks to change tools without losing time & efforts. 3.) Carbon brush wear control indicator. 4.) Next generation LED switches on the new models. 5.) Complete internal cabling of motor cable. 5.) Almost all mag drills available in Swivel Base option. 6.) Oil-bath gearbox for robust, heavy duty and long service life of the mag drill. 7.) Magnet adhesion indicator for safety; and much more other advantages

Moreover, magnetic base drilling machines from BDS Maschinen are categorized into four performance class, to make it easy for our customer to choose the right magnetic base drilling machine for their requirement. These four categories are called ProfiPLUS, ProfiSTART, ProfiBASIC, and ProfiSPEZIAL.

ProfiPLUS magnetic drills are intended for Drilling, Tapping, Countersink and Reaming operations. These four operations are possible by the ProfiPLUS magnetic drills because these models are equipped with ''Reversible Motors''. The reversible motor can rotate clockwise as well as counter-clockwise. BDS Maschinen is one of the very few manufacturers of magnetic drills in the world with reversible motors.

ProfiSTART magnetic base drilling machines are intended for heavy duty drilling operations. These machines have the advantages over the competition by having features like complete internal cabling, magnet indicator, robust oil-bath gearbox, and most important KEYLESS drill chucks for the Morse Taper 2 models.

ProfiBASIC mag drills are recently introduced mag drills for users who have less drilling requirement and wish to have more price economical machine. These mag drills like our other mag drills are also made in Germany. These machines are made price economical by reducing extra features from the machine and by making as simple as possible. These mag drills have heavy duty grease box, have external cabling and lack indicators and sensors. These mag drills have become very popular among users who wished to buy a price economical machine but do not want to compromise on quality.

ProfiSPEZIAL are the special purpose drilling machines for the special drilling requirements of the users. These class of drilling machines comprises of Pneumatic drilling machine, compact low height magnetic drilling machine, cordless battery operated magnetic drilling machine, two new models of automatic magnetic drilling machines, two new models of automatic magnetic drilling plus tapping machines, electric driven rail drilling machine, petrol driven rail drilling machine and a brand new cross table base magnetic drilling machine.

More than 27 models of magnetic drilling machines deliver all type of solutions for drilling operations, thus our motto, SIMPLY BETTER DRILLING.

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